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Arch Angels


Michael- "The Prince of Light"

Michael holds the highest rank of the Archangels and is perhaps the most famous of  all. He  protects and defends all that is loving and good, and leads the other legions of angels in the battle against evil and the fallen angels. Michael most often appears to people who are sick or near death. He is the patron Saint of the Military and of police as well as the patron Saint of loners and those who find themselves in the under-dog position. 

In art, he is usually shown carrying an unsheathed sword, but he has also been represented with brilliant green emerald wings with yellow plumes, and covered with millions of beautiful faces and mouths so he can faithfully deliver his messages.

Michael has been so popular throughout the centuries that he is even mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls, where he was eloquently called the "Prince of Light". And later in the fifth century, the Romans consecrated a holiday to him, the Feast of Michaelmas. This holiday's importance continued into the Middle Ages, when Michael was the patron of Knights, and indeed, continues to this day. In England, Michaelmas is still celebrated in late September.

The Angel of Protection - This powerful being of light, who's name means "Who is Like God," has a purpose to protect as the "defender of the light and goodness." Along with "The Band of Mercy," this awesome entity will take negatively-minded people (both living and deceased) to the Light of God so that their negativity can be healed. Call upon Michael to assist you whenever you feel the presence of negative sources. He can clear negative energy from any space (including your home, office, mind and heart.) This beautiful Archangel is the protector of Joy and Harmony and joins you instantly at your beck and call.



The Angel of Resurrection - This loving angel who’s name means "Hero of God," is the bearer of GOOD NEWS as the voice of God. This archangel is a messenger who whispers in our ear of coming events, changes, and opportunities for new experiences He restores life and light into stagnant areas of your life such as relationships, businesses, households, etc. Ask Gabriel to resurrect any blocked areas of your life and fill you with the remembrance of your divine purpose and destiny. You will receive creative ideas and opportunities to help you get moving again.

Although angelic beings are genderless, Gabriel is the only Archangel who has occasionally appeared in a distinctly female form. Gabriel is the celestial coordinator and works with the Cherubim to make sure that the activities of all the other orders of angels run smoothly.
Gabriel usually appears to people when they are on the brink of a new beginning, especially a conception or birth. For this reason, he has been called the "Angel of Life", giving the gift of life to humankind in the physical sense. He has also been called the "Awakener" because He gives the gift of life in an abstract way too, such as in dreams or celestial knowledge.

Mystics who have seen Gabriel describe him as having a face like lightning, eyes like glowing lamps, and a multitude of wings.

Best of all, Gabriel always brings good news!


The Angel of Healing - Raphael, who's name means "God Heals," is charged with the healing of our beloved  Earth and all of her inhabitants. He begins with purifying our minds and erasing false beliefs. It is our thoughts that trigger health problems, not our body. All healing facilities and practitioners (both traditional and alternative) are guided and helped by Raphael. Your call upon Archangel Raphael invokes his presence to clear blocks within the energy body so that the flow of universal life-force energy can heal both the cause of the block and its physical manifestation. Health and vitality are your natural state of being. Your symptoms give clues to help you find causes of imbalance. Ask Raphael to guide you with clarity and love in your process of healing and feel free to invoke him for the healing of others as well.

Raphael manages the Virtues order of angels. He is affectionately known for his powers of healing and for saving people from danger. Because of his knack for rescuing those in unfamiliar territory or dire straits, he is also said to protect travelers.

Raphael usually intervenes when people are wounded or in pain, and some say he still visits hospitals, ministering to the sick and injured. He also comforts those in spiritual pain or in wrenching emotional ordeals. He has been called the "Angel of the Sun" because of his ability to rekindle the spark of life in sick bodies. And his reputation for performing "medical miracles" has also earned him the title of the "Angel of Science and Knowledge".

Raphael's loving personality outshines his physical characteristics; he is often described as being friendly, amusing, gentle and kind. These qualities also make him the Archangel best suited to overseeing the host of guardian angels.


Archangel Haniel is called "the glory" or the "glory of the grace of God". Generally thought to be in charge of Capricorn, or the month of December, Haniel is the archangel who is the chief of the Order of Principalities, Virtues and Innocents. Haniel has a close association with Enoch, and therefore with Metatron, is related to the Chaldean Ishtar, ruler of Venus, and therefore also related to Lucifer and Quetzalcoatl.

Sometimes, it is said that Haniel is one of the Elohim. Manifesting usually as a very beautiful woman, occasionally as an extremely handsome man, Haniel symbolizes beauty, pleasure, and sustaining friendship. Haniel has the power to make fruitful that which previously was not so: to turn states of sadness, anxiety and worry towards happiness. Haniel helps us to recognise and fill the gaps in our lives from within ourselves, rather than continuing to yearn to have them filled from the outside. Haniel inspires that which makes life worth living: friendship, love, companionship, harmony, and balance.

Haniel is associated with the rose, a symbol of the qualities of beauty, upliftment and unfoldment.

One of the stones aligned with Haniel is the emerald. 

Haniel often appears as an androgynous figure with large gray wings. He is dressed in an emerald green robe and carries a brown lantern.

Haniel is the Archangel of all powers of love and harmony and can help you bring those influences into your life. Brings Friends, Lovers, Peace, Love, Beauty, Grace, Good Things, Common Sense! He can also aid you in artistic matters. He is the angel of December, the planet Venus and the astrological sign, Capricorn.

            For harmony and inspiration in your life, this is the Archangel to work with.


The Angel of Ministration & Peace - This archangel who's name means "Light of God," brings divine light into our lives as he transforms painful memories and restores peace to our past. He helps turn our worst disappointments into our greatest blessings. Uriel assists us in releasing un-forgiveness and resentment. Uriel and his legions enfold us in waves of  peace when we cry out to him. Sometimes it takes the death of our most cherished dreams in the form of an unpleasant experience in order to realize the birth of new life, understanding, and opportunity. Uriel's goal is to assist you in anchoring yourself in love that is strong enough to withstand negativity. Invite his essence into your life to assist you in becoming a master of your energies.

Arch Angel Uriel’s (who is the most funny and easy going of the lot) name is said to mean "Fire Of God" and Webster says he represents clear thinking, his element is Earth, his direction is north, his season is summer, his color is white and his zodiac signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. He would then represent the bull.

URIEL, who coordinates the work of all the Archangels within the gross material body, is Uriel - U-Ra-El, as known to the Egyptian forefathers. U stands for space and Ra for the sun: "Space - Sun - God". The great harmonizer of substance, Uriel keeps the Universal Law of Order and Harmony, both within and between each body. Uriel is the great harmonizer and balancer of substance. He brings you the red ray of light, that give us the energy to act in the present time and through this helps us discover our true potential.

This fourth Archangel confronts the souls of those who have erred or strayed form their spiritual path. For this, he is known as the "Angel of Repentance". Luckily though, Uriel also has a lighter side, and is known as the "Angel of Music and Poetry". Perhaps Uriel creates beautiful music and poetry to compensate for the darker side of human nature he deals with. Because of his creativity and insight, he is also the angel who interprets prophecies.
Uriel is usually shown holding a flame or a fiery sword.

Color - shades of silvery-white light.

**Update on  Arch Angel Uriel--"This Arch Angel wants you to know he is often portrayed as being of immense stature and holding an incense burner, a flame, or a lamp.  He may be visualized as being formed of a rainbow brightness with aura-wings of electric blue; a crystal diadem is upon his head.  His eyes penetrate the universe.*

Arch Angel Uriel can, and will, perform the "eleventh hour miracle"--when all hope seems gone, or time is against you, invoke him and he will descend suddenly and dramatically, sweeping natural laws aside and putting the world on its head, and you will know that the age of miracles is not gone and "the Lord IS God".


**From the book, The Sacred Magic of the Angels,